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What is HOBY?

Founded in 1958 by Hugh O'Brian with a mission to change the world.

Empower - Lead - Excel

Actor Hugh O’Brian had a life changing experience in the African Jungle.

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Reviews From Across the State

Parents and students love HOBY!

My only regret is that not everyone at my school can go. I’ve been around the world. But nothing, not even Thailand, Bali Hai, or Japan, is more life-changing and memorable than HOBY.

Ryland Alberda

I’ve always said that pre-HOBY my son was a glass half empty kid. After HOBY his glass was full. He’s taken that positive leadership and growth experience and sought to make the world a little bit better. As parents, there’s rarely an opportunity like this that comes along and gives our kids a positive outlook on life. There may be other regrets in life but HOBY will not be amongst them.